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DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

As I’ve touched on before, I’m slowly making over our bedroom one piece at a time. I’m happy with the purple Ikea curtains we chose (although our curtain rod needs a major upgrade – we bought the cheapest one when we needed something in a pinch) but they looked sloppy when pulled back. Cue curtain ties! I decided to DIY fabric curtain ties after I found some really pretty fabric that perfectly matched the colors in our comforter cover and my DIY wall art. I simply used some hem tape and Velcro to make two curtain ties. I love how they came out. Simple, stylish, and efficient.

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a great photo due to all that dumb sunshine. But hopefully this wide shot helps give you an idea of what they look like!

Just a quick disclaimer – The project is MUCH easier if you have a simple pattern that doesn’t have a specific orientation. If your fabric pattern is a little more complicated, just make sure you’re paying close attention when sewing on the Velcro so your panels will look cohesive.

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties


Hem tape
Velcro strips
Needle and thread
Scotch brand removeable mounting squares or a similar non-damage adhesive


Step 1 – Measure and cut your fabric the appropriate amount. Mine are 26″ long and 5″ wide. You’ll need two strips (assuming you have two curtain panels!). Iron out any wrinkles.

Step 2 – Use hem tape to fold over each side of the fabric strip so that the fabric meets in the middle. Use the iron to adhere the hem tape. This will create nice edges around your curtain ties and also make them a little sturdier.

Step 3 – Fold over the end of each strip and sew down to create a clean looking edge.

Step 4 – Measure and cut a piece of “fuzzy” Velcro to fit on one end of your curtain tie. Sew the Velcro piece to the end of the UNDERSIDE (ugly side) of your curtain tie. The back of this area is ultimately going to be adhered to the wall. Repeat for both curtain ties.

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

Step 5 – Flip your curtain tie over so you’re looking at the “nice” side. Measure and cut a piece of the “hooks” Velcro to fit on the other end of the curtain tie (the same size as the Velcro in Step 4). Sew the Velcro piece to the end of the curtain tie (remember – opposite end from the other Velcro piece) on the “nice” side. Ultimately you’re going to wrap the curtain tie around your curtain and connect the Velcro. When you’re done, your curtain tie should look like this:

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

Step 6 – Measure your window height to find the center of your window (or, wherever you think is the best placement for your curtain ties). Remove the backing on one side of the mountable squares and stick to the wall right next to the window and press to make sure it sticks. I used eight of these squares and they were the perfect size. The type and shape of the wall mount will vary depending on the size and shape of your curtain ties.

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

Step 7 – Remove the backing on the wall mounts so the adhesive is exposed. Hold one curtain tie with the “ugly” side facing you. Find the “fuzzy” Velcro at the end of that side. With the Velcro facing you, stick the curtain tie to the wall mount and press hard so it sticks. Let it sit for a few minutes before you wrap the tie around the curtain so it can properly adhere.

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

That’s it!

DIY Fabric Curtain Ties

I really love how they add a punch of color to that side of the room. Now I’m one step closer to my dream bedroom!

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