Spotlight on the Disneyland Wedding Trumpeters and Major Domo

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Spotlight on the Disneyland Wedding Trumpeters and Major Domo

The really cool thing about getting married at The Disneyland Resort is all the exclusive customization you can add on to your wedding. The Disneyland wedding I went to last week featured Cinderella’s Coach, the heralding trumpeters, and the Major Domo presenting the wedding rings. I was able to take some quick recordings so those of you considering a Disneyland wedding (or just dreaming of your wedding or vow renewal) can see exactly what they look like! Even though this was the fifth Disneyland wedding I have attended I had never seen any of these elements in person and I must say it is pretty impressive. It’s very Cinderella-eque to be introduced to your guests by trumpeters! I didn’t catch it on video but they also come back after the ceremony and played a few notes as the couple walked back up the aisle. It was pretty neat to see (and hear)!

Cinderella’s Coach and Disneyland Wedding Trumpeters

Major Domo delivers the wedding rings

The last I have heard, as of the date this post was written, the pricing is $3500.00 for Cinderella’s Coach, $1245.00 for two trumpeters, and $1980.00 for four trumpeters. The Major Domo delivering the rings is included with the Coach, if you want it. You can also hire the Major Domo to introduce you at your reception for an extra charge. These prices are subject to change at any time and only Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings themselves can tell you the current pricing.

Would you choose to have the trumpeters or Major Domo at your Disneyland wedding ceremony?

Looking back on it, I think I would have liked to have added the trumpeters! I think I like them even more than the Coach! It’s such a cool way to make your entrance. The Coach/trumpeter combo is pretty magical, though.

This article was originally published in June 2014 and has been updated.

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