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Disneyland Engagement Shoot – Julie and Brian

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I have another stunning Disneyland engagement shoot to share with you!  This feature comes from newlyweds Julie and Brian, who got married a couple months ago at the Disneyland Hotel (and hopefully I can feature their wedding pictures, too, hint hint) and photographer Beba Photography.

From Julie:

One of the things that brought Brian and I together initially was our love of Disney. We met while working at a theme park and eventually both became Disney Cast Members. Brian had me hooked with all his family stories – his uncle delivered a magazine to Walt himself at the Hyperion Studios, his father was friends with the late Disney legend Ward Kimbell – and I had studied company history since I was 9.

When he proposed he went through Disney Fairy Tale Weddings to create a memorable and magical proposal and there was never much of a question as to where we would get married. Disney was always it, we are fascinated with the Disney Love Stories and both have serious Peter Pan syndrome, terrified of growing up and the real world! Disney makes things so magical and we have poured our heart and soul into the park, so since it has very much become a piece of us it was extra special to start our new life together with a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.

Congratulations Julie and Brian!

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