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Disneyland Castle Weddings Just Became More Attainable // Budget Fairy Tale

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I have really great news for all of you who have always dreamed of saying your wedding vows while standing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland, but were limited by the intimidating price tag. Disneyland castle weddings just became more attainable, with the addition of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle as one of the location options for In-Park Escape packages. This new location spot replaces the much beloved and now closed Court of Angels in New Orleans Square.

Here is a portion of the email you will receive if you email Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to inquire about this package (information is accurate at the time this post was written, April 2014, and is subject to change at any time without notice):

We are thrilled that you may be interested in a Disneyland park Escapes Wedding! In 2014, the Disneyland Park Escapes package is available for only $15,000.00 inclusive of tax and service charge, and have a maximum of 20 people (including the couple). We can currently book Hotel or In-Park Escapes Packages within a 6 month time period, Mondays-Fridays excluding holidays and peak wedding dates.

Your day would begin with meeting your Photographer and Special Activities Guide at your Dressing Room and be escorted to the Main Entrance, where they will then escort the couple and up to 18 Wedding Guests into Disneyland Park and to your Ceremony location at the Castle Garden in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Upon arriving to your standing-room only Ceremony venue, your Harpist and Officiant will be waiting, and your Ceremony may begin! At the conclusion of your 30-minute Ceremony, we will then give you the opportunity to take photographs for up to 15 minutes in front of the Castle before your party is personally escorted down Main Street and out of Disneyland Park to a Hotel location where your Reception awaits! You and your guests will enjoy a Champagne or Cider Toast, an unforgettable Three Course Meal, and delicious Wedding Cake, for up to a 3 hour Reception. Escapes Weddings Ceremonies in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will start at 6:30am or 7:00am based on availability and upon theme park approval.

Items which are included in your Disneyland Park Escapes Wedding package include:
· Wedding Photographer & Assistant (includes Flash Disk of All Images and Post Wedding Slideshow)
· Bouquet & Boutonniere
· (1) Dressing Room/Meeting Location for either Bride or Groom and Photographer
· Wedding Officiant
· Ceremony Harpist
· Background Music in Reception Room
· Champagne or Cider Toast
· Three Course Plated Meal
· Two-tier Wedding Cake
· Standard set up of tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, glassware, and the option of a standard dance floor
· Hosted Self Parking for all Guests at the Hotel Reception Self-Parking Lot
· Disneyland Park Ceremony Venue Fee & Hotel Reception Venue Fee

So to recap: With the Disneyland Escape Castle Wedding you get a brief, standing only ceremony for you, your partner and 18 guests; photography, personal floral, and ceremony music is included, 15 minutes to take pictures in front of the castle, and a hotel reception with a three-course meal, cake, and champagne. All for $15,000. Escape packages are limited in scope and the guest limit is tough to work around, but this is certainly much more attainable than the standard morning or nighttime castle weddings Disneyland has been offering.

FAQ About Disneyland Escape Castle Weddings:

Q. Do you get married right in front of the castle?
A. No. The wedding will take place in the “grassy knoll” area just to the left of the castle foreground.

Disneyland Castle Weddings Just Became More Attainable

Q. Can you arrive to your ceremony in Cinderella’s Coach or carriage?
A. No, unfortunately entrance vehicles are not permitted as add-ons for Escape weddings.

Q. Does the ceremony take place while there are guests around?
A. Generally, no. Depending on the day of the week, Disneyland offers “Magic Morning Hour” to hotel guests. Discuss this with your planner to ensure you are picking a day of the week that doesn’t interfere with Magic Morning Hour.

Q. Will the pictures taken in front of the castle be a private photo shoot, or will guests be walking around?
A. The 15 minutes for photos will be taken before the park opens to the public as long as there is no Magic Morning Hour.

Q. Can you add the hour long in-park photo shoot to this package?
A. Unfortunately no, since you are already having your ceremony in the park, you cannot add on the in-park photo session.

Q. I understand we can only have 18 guests at the ceremony, but can we invite more guests to the hotel reception?
A. No, the 18 guest limit is for both the ceremony and the reception.

Q. This is really early in the morning! Can we get have the ceremony in the morning and the reception later in the day?
A. No, the reception must immediately follow the ceremony.

Q. Can we serve breakfast at our reception?
A. Maybe! Generally Escape package options are non-negotiable, but you can ask about serving a brunch buffet instead of the traditional three-course meal. It does seem silly to serve a fancy chicken or steak plated meal at 8am.

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What do you think about this new development for in-park Escape weddings? Would you like to get married or renew your vows in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

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