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First Look at new Disney Short Film: FEAST

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First Look at new Disney Short Film: FEAST

Awwwww, you guys … what can I say about the new Disney short film FEAST, other than, IT LOOKS ADORABLE!! Director Patrick Osborne and Producer Kristina Reed both previously worked on “Paperman,” so if you loved the styling of “Paperman,” you’ll also love “Feast!” The animation looks really unique and fun … different than the realistic CGI stuff we’re used to seeing with theatrical animation lately. I’m in love with adorable little Boston Terrier Winston … where can I get one? We seem to enjoy all the same foods. I spy spaghetti, pizza, nachos … oh man, I gained 10 pounds just watching this.

“Feast” will play before Disney’s newest feature length animated movie “Big Hero 6” which opens in theaters November 7! Are you excited to see it?

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