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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Disneyland Wedding Inspiration Board

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Disney X Mean Girls

Happy Mean Girls Day! On April 30, 2004, the epic teen movie Mean Girls was released in theaters, and life as we know it was altered forever. It was suddenly acceptable to say to a friend, “BOO, YOU WHORE” and then double over with laughter.

To celebrate this holiest of anniversaries, a bunch of bloggers planned an epic “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” blog hop. You can browse through the many Mean Girls and pink themed posts at the bottom of the page. My contribution is this pink Disneyland wedding inspiration board. Ahhhhhh how awesome would a Mean Girls themed wedding be? All the tables could be named after the cliques in the movie (cool Asians, girls who eat their feelings, desperate wannabes, etc), your guest book could be a Burn Book, and you can refer to your bridesmaids as your Army of Skanks. Wait a minute … this might actually be a HORRIBLE idea. BUT, you should definitely stick with a pink theme.

Mean Girls 10th Anniversary - On Wednesdays We Wear Pink - Disneyland Wedding Inspiration Board // Budget Fairy Tale

All photos are from Disney Weddings Inspiration Gallery except:

Top photo – Ilona’s Pink and Blue Bridesmaids Dresses from Sarina Love Photography via This Fairy Tale Life
Third photo down on the left – Julie’s Bouquet/Castle photo from Cali Creative Studio via This Fairy Tale Life
Second to last photo on the left – Hope and Mike’s pink and purple sweetheart table from Nataly Lemus Photography via This Fairy Tale Life

Use the link up below to view all the Mean Girls “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” 10 year anniversary posts! And be sure to visit the hosts who came up with the brilliant idea, Hairspray and High Heels, Simply Darrling, and A Dose of Paige.

{First and last graphic created by Angela at Hairspray and High Heels.}

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