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Disney Inspired Wedding Invitations

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Today’s inspiration comes from Disneyland bride Nerissa!  Nerissa got married at the Disneyland Hotel in October 2011, and runs the awesome blog So Disney! Wedding.  Check out her blog to read all about her wedding planning!

Nerissa shared some pictures of her and her now husband Jared’s Disney themed wedding invitations.  I love their invitations because they include a subtle touch of Disney.

Mickey Invite

They found a Mickey punch which they used on the front of the invitation.  (Find a similar Mickey punch here.)

The also used postcards from Disneyland as their RSVP cards!

They used a simple sticker label to print out the RSVP verbiage, and stuck it to the back of the postcard, then applied postage and addressed the postcard to themselves!  All guests had to do was fill it out and drop it in the mail!

Thank you Nerissa and Jared for sharing your invitations with us!

What do you think of these simple and cute Disney DIY invites?  Do you plan to incorporate Disney touches into your wedding invitations?
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