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Disney Cruises are Not Just For Kids!

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Disney Cruises are Not Just for Kids!

The first cruise my husband and I ever went on was a Disney Cruise up and down the Mexican Riviera in 2011. That seems so long ago! I was so nervous about cruising but everything went okay. Better than okay … I loved it! And I am now a cruise addict. Even though sadly our budget will only allow us to take a cruise every couple years or so. As a Vacation Planner specializing in Disney vacations, I often talk to families about sailing on a Disney Cruise. People know it’s good for kids, but I’m often asked if adults will have fun, too. The answer is, YES! My husband and I enjoyed every moment of our 7 night cruise. In my latest post for Momtastic I give 8 reasons Disney cruises are not just for kids, outlining some of the adult-only perks and indulgences we experienced on our Disney cruise.

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Disney Cruises are Not Just for Kids!

Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? If not, where would you like to go?

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