Official “Diamond Celebration” Disneyland 24 Hour Event “Live” Stream

The official, not-there-in-person, “Diamond Celebration” Disneyland 24 hour event “live” stream (as seen through the eyes of social media). I’ll be updating this page as cool stuff happens starting on the evening of May 21, 2015 allllllll the way through the morning of May 23, 2015 so keep checking back!

Official “Diamond Celebration” Disneyland 24 Hour Event “Live” Stream

6:00 AM – Sleepy Donald! That’s a wrap here, too! I hope everyone had fun.

6:00 AM – Cast Members lined up to say goodbye to exiting guests.

SEE YA REAL SOON! #Disneyland #disneyland60 #castmembers #high4 #24hourparty #mainstreetusa

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2:55 PM – Disneyland started letting people in around 3 AM.

11:20 PM – I’m not seeing much happening right now. I think there were way more in-park events and characters last year. To be honest, it has been kind of boring! I’m off to bed; will check in tomorrow morning.

11:14 PM – Oh snap.

11:11 PM – Per usual, Animation Building is the first area to look like a refugee camp.

10:50 PM – I think it’s officially official. Disneyland is not allowing any entries for the rest of the event.

10:44 PM – #truth

10:38 PM – I’m seeing a few reports on Twitter that Disney is not letting anyone in Disneyland for the remainder of the event, even re-entries.

10:35 PM – Mary Poppins sing-along at the Opera House!

10:06 PM – Mocha funnel cake, special for tonight.

9:58 PM – The ultimate insult …

9:50 PM – I’m trying to recover from watching the fireworks on the live feed. #myemotions

Lines in the esplanade to get into Disneyland are still intense. But based on the live feed, people seem to be leaving in droves.

9:33 PM – Great capture on the fireworks live feed.

9:20 PM – Diamond light up “ice cubes” in drinks at Mad T Party.

The ice cube is a glowing diamond 💎💋 #24hrDay #Disneyland60 #Zombie #ThankYouAnna

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9:05 PM – Paint the Night has started on the live feed!


8:59 PM – Disneyland is still closed for new entries. DCA is almost at capacity.


7:08 PM – Well, maybe DCA is still open.

7:01 PM – Marvel movies being shown throughout the night at the Tomorrowland Theater.

7:00 PM – Reports saying Disney has stopped letting people get in line to enter the park.

Line to get into #Disney #CaliforniaAdventure #Disneyland is closed. #Disneyland60

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6:55 PM – If you’re a lady at Disneyland, just get in line for the bathroom now.

6:55 PM – Now reading rumors on Twitter that both parks have reached capacity and no one is being let in, not even re-entries.

6:41 PM – This couple is apparently doing the 24 hour day at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

6:28 PM – The crowd already camped out for the fireworks show. 3 hours to go.

6:20 PM – New balloons!

6:19 PM – I don’t want to alarm anybody but there’s a giant cupcake on display at Jolly Holiday.

giant #disneyland60 #diamondcelebration cupcake on display in the jolly holiday bakery cafe! 💙 #disneyland #disney24 #disney

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6:17 PM – LOTS of people complaining on Twitter that they went back to the car, went to their hotel, etc, and now can’t get back in.

6:13 PM – These ladies have the right idea.

Moscato time! 12 hours down! 12 to go! #Disneyland60

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6:07 PM – The FIRST Disneyland60 24 hour day proposal that I’ve seen! Congrats!

6:01 PM – Disneyland is currently CLOSED for new guests.

6:00 PM – Halfway point.

Yas let's celebrate #disneyland60

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5:55 PM – The scene from DCA right now.

5:53 PM – The view from the other side of the Esplanade.

5:00 PM – My friend Chrysty posted this picture from Harbor Blvd, waiting in line to get through bag check.

The line to get into Disneyland extends beyond the guest drop-off area and is growing longer & longer by the second. #Disneyland60

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4:00 PM – At some point while I was gone for lunch and to get my nails did, the Disneyland gates closed and they stopped letting people in. The scene from the Esplanade. Good gravy.

12:30 PM – One of the new Emporium windows features a Peter Pan scene.

The #PeterPan window on Main St. is incredible. The scene changes from the bedroom to flying over London. #disneyland60

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12:12 PM – Of course they are.

12:06 PM – A couple of the snacks available today.

12:02 PM – I can’t eat cotton candy but these bags are really cute and I want one.

11:53 AM – Lockers are almost full.

11:50 AM – If this is true, I think it’s the earliest they’ve ever limited entry on a 24 hour day.

11:40 AM – In case you didn’t know, Disneyland has live stream cameras set up at both parks. The sky looks ominous right now.


11:35 AM – Rafiki is out again this year.

Rafiki!!!!!!!!! #disney #disneyland60 #disneyland #rafiki

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11:30 AM – Here’s a look at the $200 limited edition Minnie ears headband.

9:43 AM – The Snow White photo op comes with Dopey masks.

9:00 AM – New tickets for Disneyland 60.

Carthay Circle is all blinged out too! 💎💎 #disneyland60

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8:35 AM – People are already napping.

It's only 8:35 am at Disney California Adventure and this is the scene at #Starbucks on Buena Vista Street! #disneyland60

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8:00 AM – Special “Up All Night” cupcakes.

This takes the cake! #disneyland60 #diamondcelebration #cupcake

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7:52 AM – The official Disney Parks Blog photo of the crowd waiting at rope drop at 6 AM.

7:15 AM – Some kind of special Mickey pastry thingy!

One of favorite things about special events! #disneyland60 #mickeymouse #disney

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7:10 AM – “Scaling up the fun at Matterhorn” photo op.

It doesn't matter-horn #disneyland60 @disneyland #24hrdisneyday

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7:00 AM – The cutest Disneyland 60 poodle skirt you’ve ever seen. Daily Sparkle does it again.

7:00 AM – A closer look at the 60 medallion on the castle.

I am here. 😁 #Disneyland #60thCelebration #Disneyland60 #liveatdisneyland

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6:20 AM – Snow White themed photo op; not sure where this is located.

Photo location for #Disneyland60 #24hour #DCA

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6:15 AM – It appears the monorail has a “Tomorrowland” movie overlay.

6:15 a.m already rode Matterhorn! Thrilling so early in the morning! #disneyland60 #disney #matterhorn #monorail

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6:15 AM – Clock photo op near Matterhorn.

I can't believe I'm smiling!!!! #disney24 #disneyland #Disneyland60

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6:10 AM – Special edition of The Buena Vista Bugle!

#disneyland60 for the next 24 hours with @ileanag12 #disney #sony #rx100 #Cali #mickey #earlybirds

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6:00 AM – Beautiful shot of the fireworks against the overcast cloud cover.

6:00 AM – Fireworks all along Main Street

😢😢😢😢 It's starting wooooo!!! #disneyland60

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5:40 AM – There are reports of crowd surfing. I cannot find pictures.

Moments after I took this photo, someone crowd surfed lol #Disneyland60

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5:30 AM – The lines to get into DCA are much more reasonable.

5:30 AM – The Diamond Celebration dated photo op sign.

Made it in! #Disneyland60

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5:00 AM – Diamond Anniversary Goofy is on hand to entertain the masses.

4:15 AM – The first Diamond Days “word of the day” is TOMORROWLAND.

4:10 AM – A packed Main Street. Park doesn’t officially open for another 2 hours.

4:00 AM – The line is moved from the Esplanade into the park.

4am, let's go! #disneyland60

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2:00 AM – Around 2am it appears Disney started passing out these commemorative ears to the people waiting in line. I read there is about 3500 of them. And yes, they are already on Ebay.

#disneyland60 #disney #diamondcelebration #giveaway #24hours #letsdothis

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11:09 PM – Things seem to be holding steady for now. I’m going to bed and will catch up with the festivities in the morning!

10:30 PM – Here’s a fabulous 1980s reference for all of you youngsters out there.

10:30 PM – First in line:

10:27 PM – New estimate is 4000 people in line. (!!!)

Let the madness begin! There are already approx 4,000 people here. #Disneyland60 #DisneyFreak

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10:23 PM – Another look at the line.

10:21 PM – A couple of adorable campers.

10:16 PM – Someone on Instagram is reporting there are approximately 1500 people in line already! O_O

7:09 PM – The line is forming.

The first people to form the line for Disneyland's 24 hour party arrived at 6pm tonight. Have fun! #Disneyland60

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6:21 PM – Signs up for the Disneyland 24 hour event. “Being up all night makes me Dopey.” #Truth

While we are waiting, you can watch the new “World of Color – Celebrate” show on YouTube from Inside the Magic.

Also from Inside the Magic, you can watch the newly reopened POV Matterhorn Bobsleds, featuring a new audio-animatronic Harold and NO MORE RAINBOW CRYSTALS. (RIP)