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Inspiring Designs from Black Artists on Redbubble

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Art of Black woman wearing white tank top surrounded by colorful flowers and greenery
Garden Hideaway by GDBee on Redbubble


This article is sponsored by Redbubble.

As Black History Month continues, I am thrilled to be partnering with Redbubble to showcase the inspiring works of Black artists.

I already love Redbubble for their support of independent artists all over the world. They make it so easy for talented creators to get their work in front of new people in exciting ways, from shirts to dresses to tote bags to coasters to notebooks to socks! There are over 80 products available through Redbubble with over 2 million designs available, so you can for sure find “your thing.”

In support of Black History Month, Redbubble has created a page that highlights come of the amazing works from Black artists. While there are so many designs to browse through, I’ve collected some of the pieces that really delighted me. I hope they delight you, too!

Inspiring Designs from Black Artists

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