A True “Guest” Post – Becca and Mike’s Disneyland Wedding and My Birthday Weekend {Part Two}

Check here for Part One of this post. When I left off yesterday, we were just about to head into Disneyland to set up for Becca and Mike’s wedding!  We met up at the Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel, which Becca and Mike had booked for a couple nights.  It’s amazing!  My friend Hope … Read more

Haily and Jason’s Princess and the Frog Disneyland Escape Wedding

I love themed weddings, and Haily and Jason took their Princess and the Frog theme to another level, you guys.  This Disneyland wedding has tons of clever DIY, pretty details, and lots and lots of love.  Aside from the DIY, Haily and Jason kept their wedding budget low by having her uncle officiate, and the … Read more

More Photos from Holly Madison’s Disneyland Wedding

Holly Madison has released even more photos from her Disneyland wedding to Pasquale Rotella, and these are the first I’ve seen of their very special character appearances.  I knew she had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy, but now we are seeing it looks like they were all attired in blue to match the wedding colors, … Read more

Holly Madison’s Blue Bayou, New Orleans Square Disneyland Wedding

Holly Madison’s Blue Bayou, New Orleans Square Disneyland Wedding

About a month ago, Disneyland hosted one of the most epic parties in its nearly 60 year history – the wedding of reality TV stars Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella.  Holly and Pasquale had their wedding inside Blue Bayou restaurant – which I believe is a first!  Their pre-reception and reception was alongside the Rivers … Read more

Real Disneyland Weddings – Jaime and Sean’s Downtown Disney Jazz Kitchen Wedding!

Today we have a very special wedding and a first for the blog – it’s our first Downtown Disney wedding!  Jaime and Sean planned their budget wedding at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in about three months when unexpected circumstances arose.  Jaime tells her touching story below.  I hope her story will inspire anyone who dreams … Read more