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Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

Have you seen the new interactive feature “Build Your Disney Family?” Disney offered similar fun decals a couple years ago for the Rock Your Disney Side campaign, and now they are back! You basically can build and personalize your own avatar, like those family decals you buy for your car. You can make an avatar just for you, or your entire family, or your pretend family (for those of you dreaming of marrying OUAT’s Captain Hook, and I know you’re out there and no judgement), and you can even get your pets in on the action although it’s a shame you can’t at the very least put mouse ears on your dog or cat.

Since the first decal I made included our entire family, I decided to do something different this time and just included me and Vela. At first I was just going to do me, but when I see those cute cat avatars I can’t resist.

I documented the making of my avatar to show you how easy it is to use this cool, free feature. C’mon, how often does Disney give you something FOR FREE!!!

When you go to the website (click on the banner above), you first are given the option of selecting an adult, teen, child, toddler, or pet. I chose “adult” because despite what some people may think, I’m actually a grown adult.

Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

From here you are taken to six categories to “decorate” your avatar: hair, hats, glasses, outfits, ‘staches & lashes, and accessories.

Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

When you click on a category (such as “hair”) it will pull up several options. Click to add one (you can only add one from each category) to your avatar. Note there are “veil ears” and a “Just Married” shirt available!!

Have fun building your avatar! Try different options to see how everything looks on you. Once you’re done, just click the “All done” button on the bottom.

Now you’ll have the option of adding more avatars to your family. Just click the large “add” button to start a new avatar. Your previous ones will be saved.

Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

When your “family” is complete, you can click on “continue” to choose a Parks background (DL, DCA, MK, EPCOT, DHS, and AK are represented) or a blank background. On the next screen, you can name your family name and a pre-populated tagline if you choose. These are optional.

Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

From here you can share your image on social media, download an image to your computer, or request a free printed decal! You can only request a printed decal once, so be sure you get it right. (I also do not recommend putting your name on your vehicle for privacy concerns. I cringe when I see those decals with everyone’s names on them. Better safe than sorry!)

Build Your Disney Family and Get a Free Decal

One thing of note here: You can’t create a family and “save it” and then start a new one. Once you start over, you lose it, so be sure you download the image if you want to start over. You also can’t rearrange family members as far as I can tell, so make sure you create your avatars in the order you want them in your image/decal.

Click the image below to create your FREE Disney Family decal!

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