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Beautiful Bridal Face Masks for Your Wedding Day

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Wedding planning during a pandemic certainly has its challenges, but finding beautiful bridal face masks isn’t one of them! I’ve searched and found my favorites for both brides and grooms, to help you stay safer on your wedding day.

Welcome to the new normal. If you’re getting married in the next couple years, you’ll likely need a face mask for your wedding day.

Even if you’re having a very small elopement, wearing a mask shows respect to the people around you and is the easiest way to protect yourself and your loved ones, not to mention the vendors working with you.

I think we can all agree bridal face masks are the wedding accessory no one really wants to buy. But if you have to wear one (and the CDC recommends you do), you may as well make it beautiful!

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Luckily some brands have stepped up, and some really lovely couture face masks are now available. My favorite place to look for bridal face masks is on Etsy! With Etsy, you can get a custom, personalized piece, while also supporting a small business, which is SO important right now.

And of course the groom needs a mask, too! Lots of these shops I’ve included below sell bridal sets! If you don’t see exactly what you need in the listing, just send a message to the shop owner and ask about custom orders. Most shop owners are happy to accommodate!

Also, if you having a Disney wedding, be sure to take a look at the Disney themed face masks available!

Disclaimer: Face masks sold on Etsy are not medical grade, and Etsy makes no claims as to their effectiveness. Remember to always wear a mask with at least two layers of fabric, and 100% cotton is best. For more information about the best masks to limit the spread of COVID-19, please read these guidelines from the World Health Organization.

Wearing a mask is the best way to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19, but remember to also practice additional measures such as social distancing (6 feet apart), frequent hand washing or hand sanitizer, and avoid spending prolonged close contact with anyone outside your immediate household.

While planning a wedding right now can seem frustrated and challenging, it is still possible to have a beautiful wedding ceremony during the pandemic, as long as everyone involved follows recommended safety measures!

Wedding Face Masks for Brides and Grooms

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