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I just need to get something off my chest …

*ahem* …


Bar Cart Ikea Hack

Ever since we replaced our hallway built-in shelves with an actual closet for coats and things, our sizable booze collection has been in limbo. Haphazardly placed in cardboard boxes and stored in the laundry room. That’s really no way to treat something that has been so good to you.

I’ve been hunting for the perfect bar cart, something vintage and classic looking. I’ve been coming up short in secondhand shops, and pieces on Etsy and eBay are, wow, expensive.

Ikea and a little bit of elbow grease to the rescue!

Browsing through Ikea a few weeks ago I saw this little cart in the kitchen section. Ah RASKOG, you old charmer, you! I thought it would a decent temporary booze storage solution until I came across the perfect bar cart. I bought it in turquoise because I thought that was the prettiest color option, but once it was home and put together, it just … didn’t “go” with the rest of our decor in the dining/kitchen/family room area. So off to Michael’s I went, to browse through the spray paint selection. Staring at the shelves and shelves of colored caps, it hit me – BRONZE. Bronze has that “vintage” feel, doesn’t it? I bought a can of bronze and a can of white primer and hightailed it home, after stopping for a Krispy Kreme, since it’s across the parking lot. I’m only human.

Bar Cart Ikea Hack

Outside, I set up the cart on a drop cloth, donned my sexy dust mask, and got to priming. Right about now I was wishing I purchased the beige RASKOG, but oh well. I just did one coat of primer; it didn’t completely cover the blue but I figured it would be better than nothing.

Once the primer dried, I applied my first coat of bronze paint. Once THAT dried, I flipped the cart and applied another coat. All in all, I applied about five coats over two days (although the last coat really was just touch-ups) and went through the entire can of bronze paint. It was just enough.

After the final coat was dry, I sprayed the entire thing with a coat of clear glossy polyurethane to protect the surface. I let that dry overnight to be safe, then put the wheels on the sucker and loaded it up. It ended up being JUST PERFECT for all our booze bottles, even the monster suckers from Costco.

Bar Cart Ikea Hack

This was purchased to be temporary storage, but I actually love the final result that I think I’m going to keep it for a while. We won’t be wheeling it around since it could potentially damage our new hardwood floors, but it’s small enough that it could fit into several places near our kitchen. I just adore it.

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