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An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitch Fix!

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I heard about this new service called Stitchfix from a friend on Twitter.  It’s basically a clothing shopping service sent straight to your door.  You fill out a style profile, and your “stylist” chooses five items of clothing and accessories to send you.  It’s not a subscription with a monthly fee – you request your fix whenever you want – so there’s no pressure!

It seemed like a cool concept, so I decided to sign up.  When I finally received an email confirming my membership, I was in the middle of honeymoon rescheduling madness.  Shopping for clothes was the furthest thing from my mind – until last week when I saw my friend Nikki’s post about her first Stitchfix experience.  I loved the items she received, so I decided to schedule my first fix!

Here’s how Stitchfix works:

  • Request to sign up and complete your very detailed style profile (for free!)
  • Wait to receive your confirmation (took about three weeks for me).
  • Schedule when you want your fix delivered.  You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee.
  • Try everything on & decide what you want to keep.  If you want to keep anything, the $20 is applied to your purchase total.  If you don’t want to buy anything, you are out the $20 (think of it as shipping and handling fees).
  • Send back the items you don’t want to keep in the pre-paid envelope included (USPS) within three days.

My fix arrived on Friday and I was super excited to see it!

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

At first glance, I have to say I was really disappointed with my items.  Where’s the pink?  Where’s the sequins?  Meh.  But I had to remind myself that the whole point of Stitchfix is to try new styles that perhaps you would normally overlook at a shop.  I signed up because I’m trying to break out of my sweat-pants-and-t-shirts comfort zone.  So I withheld judgment until I tried everything on.

I really wasn’t a fan of the color of this dress, but once I got it on I liked it a lot better.  The only thing, it’s a little short for my taste and the bust was a little tight.  But I loved the pockets and the cute bow you tie in the back.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!
Every item comes with a little style card, with two suggestions on how to wear it.  Very handy for style challenged folks like me!
An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

The necklace was cute but not my thing.  Since I sell Cookie Lee Jewelry, a necklace has to be pretty special to get me to buy it.  (Plus this sucker was expensive for what it was – about $50 for some lightweight plastic).

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

Next I tried on this jersey knit wrap dress.  I love purple and the fit of this dress was so flattering!  But the plunging neckline is a little too much for me.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

So I tried it on with a camisole – much better!

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

The dress is really unique – the wrap actually pulls through the other side of the dress (the picture below is of my waist area – sorry about the skin.)

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

You pull it through the other side of the dress, then wrap it around and tie.  So you always get the perfect fit.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

Next I tried on this mint cardigan.  It had a little shimmer to it, which doesn’t show up in pictures.  It’s really pretty and much fancier than anything I could normally try.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

Buttoned up.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

Finally, this long sleeve button down shirt.  I felt like I was swimming in it and I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be the style.  Plus blue and orange were my high school colors so it gives me flashbacks – and not happy ones.

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

I kept one item – can you guess which one?

An Easy Shopping Fix with Stitchfix!

I kept the purple wrap dress!  The above picture is me trying to show how fun and twirly the dress is.  Fail.  I can’t wait to wear this on our honeymoon.

The green dress was a little too tight and a little too short.  I actually liked the color once I saw it on me; go figure!  I didn’t keep the necklace because I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing it, ever.  The mint cardigan was cute but aside from the one cream colored top I own, I’m not sure it would go with anything in my current wardrobe.  So it was just too expensive to keep for that reason alone.  The blue shirt had many strikes against it before I even put it on, and didn’t redeem itself after.  Oh well!

And guess what?  I’ve scheduled one more fix before we leave!  Another fix should be arriving before the end of the week.  I hope I can find one more fun item to wear on the cruise.

Want to try Stitchfix?  You can sign up here using my referral link.  If you sign up and order a fix, I will get credit I can use towards my future purchases.  Win-win!

(By the way, this is not a sponsored post – I just really enjoyed my Stitchfix experience and wanted to share it with others!)

What did you think of the items I got?  What would you keep and what would you send back?
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