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An Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

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I recently had the pleasure of attending my good friend Wendy’s bridal shower!  It was Alice in Wonderland themed and had a ton of whimsical DIY touches.

The shower was held at the beautiful Heritage Museum of Orange County. Wendy and her mom made all the decor.  These cute little signs were all over the property.

They made these Mad Hatter hat centerpieces and the flowers in teacups.

Googlie-eyes on all the flowers!

Wendy is also an accomplished baker and made all the food and yummy desserts for her shower.  Everything was super tasty!

The “Eat Me” candy buffet was very popular!  Wendy also made all the little mushrooms and creatures out of sugar!

The guest book table – we all signed an Alice in Wonderland storybook.

Wendy and her mom HAND PAINTED this caterpillar sign which had a bubble machine behind it. The kids at the shower loved these bubble wands, too.

The venue even had it’s own Cheshire Cat!

They set up a game of croquet on the venue’s lawn – yes, everything hand painted by Wendy and her mom …

… including the flamingo mallets!

Croquet was a ton of fun!

It was a lovely shower at a lovely venue for a very lovely bride!  Congrats, Wendy!

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