“Always Believe” Fabric Art and Free Printable

Ever since I made this framed cotton fabric printable for my husband for our two year anniversary, I’ve been obsessed with printing words onto fabric. OBSESSED. I really wanted to try designing something with PRINT fabric, and I’ve had this idea for a sign near our front door ever since we moved in. I love this quote and I think it’s the perfect phrase to read every time you walk out the door. “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.” Attitude is everything!

"Always Believe" Fabric Art and Free Printable

I combed the fabric bolts at Joann Crafts before coming across this sunny yellow chevron and deciding it was perfect. I needed a fabric that was light enough to be able to read the printed words (black prints in more of a grey due to the absorbency of the cotton) but that wasn’t necessarily pastel, since that would look out of place with all the bold colors in our living area.

"Always Believe" Fabric Art and Free Printable

Since my frame of choice is a little funky shaped, I played around with the spacing of the words a lot before finding the perfect layout. In the end, this fabric art looks even better than I pictured it in my head!

Follow this link for instructions on how to print on fabric.

If you’re interested in making your own, I’ve included files below already saved for an 8×10 print!

Happy printing, and keep believing!