Alaskan Adventures!

(Psst – Sorry if my photos are sideways or otherwise wonky … they look correct on my phone, I swear!)

Hi everyone! Checking in quickly from Anchorage, Alaska. It sure feels like I’ve been gone a long time! Vacations are wonderful and necessary but I’m ready to get home to Vela and get back to normal life.


Right now it’s 10pm here and I’m sitting in my bed at the Sheraton Anchorage with a glass of wine, nursing some very tired and sore legs after a 20 mile bike ride around the coastal region of Anchorage. Did you know your legs have approximately 10,000 muscles? At least that’s how it feels right now. I thought I was in decent shape, but I am sure not. But the ride was worth it because we spotted two black bear cubs! We slowed down to take a look and I sure would have loved to snap some pictures but there was only one major problem – Mama bear was not in sight. The last thing you want to do is find yourself between a mama bear and her two cubs. So we rode by slowly (but also quickly) and when we got about 50 yards away we stopped and did a “We just saw wild bear cubs squeeeeee” dance. Well, I was the only one who danced and squeeeed.


Anchorage is our fourth Alaskan city and I can officially say that Alaska is amazing, you guys. Aside from the ports we also spent two days sailing past glaciers and it’s just simply indescribable. Glaciers are monumental and breathtaking and awe-inspiring and make you feel like you’re about two centimeters tall. We saw a large chunk calve off of the Marjorie Glacier and realized later that the chunk was probably the size of a small skyscraper. Insane. We said “This is crazy” a lot.

We have one more full day in Anchorage and it’s supposed to be a bit gloomy and rainy, so we will be spending the day exploring some of the museums in the Downtown area and maybe doing some souvenir shopping. If anyone is desperate for a bikini made of moose fur or a necklace in the shape of a whale tail, let me know.