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Aladdin Themed Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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Today on DWI we are sharing great images from Michelle’s Aladdin themed Rehearsal Dinner!  You may remember Michelle’s Tropical Mickey Wedding which included TONS of DIY (see Part One and Part Two here).  

Photos are by Disney Fine Art Photography & Video.
Venue: Whitehall Room & Patio, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The first thing to keep in mind is that my Dad worked for an oil company most of my life, so I grew up in the Middle East, which is probably why Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. 🙂
We had signs made for each food station: Abu’s Assorted Mezze, Jasmine’s Salad Station, Flying Carpet Fajitas and the Phenominal Cosmic Shrimp Display.

The bar was set up outside the room so guests could get a drink on their way in and the doors were left open during the party so that there wasn’t a hassle getting another one if you wanted it.  We had a signature drink that was non-alcoholic called Saudi Champagne.  I grew up drinking it and it is 60% apple juice to 40% Perrier and then you put apple and orange pieces in it.  In addition to that we had an open bar.  We also had a sign made for the bar (based on a real place), the Al-Hasa Oasis … it was a nod to where I grew up, but also kept with the theme of Aladdin.

We kept the flowers to a minimum but wanted them bright and vibrant.  We had two types of tables and three different table decors.  On the high tables we had turquoise linens with purple bows, decorated with either a Moroccan lamp and gems or peacock feathers and gems.  The lower tables were decorated two ways, either purple linens with Moroccan lamps, gems and flowers, or red linens with a shear overlay to make it look like a carpet with Moroccan lamps, gems and flowers.

We had more Moroccan lamps, gems, peacock feathers placed all around the room along with little genie lamps (4 of them) … each of the kids that was at the event got one to take a genie lamp home as a favor.
We had napkins in orange and yellow that we had personalized from Theknot.com.

My Dad and my husband went to Morocco in Epcot to pick up shirts that they both wore to the rehearsal to go with the theme.  I got a dress on-line that had a bunch of white and I thought went the theme as well.  My mom also got into the theme with her dress.

I tried to do little things that had a big impact so I got the feeling I wanted without breaking my budget.

Your Rehearsal Dinner looked great, Michelle!  Thank you for sharing!

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