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A Unique Idea: Do What You Want on Your Wedding Day

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Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of blog posts about wedding trends.  It started with this Open Letter to Wedding Bloggers posted by an anonymous photographer on Hindsight Bride, followed by the Mason Jar Manifesto by Jonas Peterson Photography, and most recently, The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend on HuffPoWed.  The gist of all these articles is, “All your weddings look the same, stop following the trends, mason jars and twinkly lights are the devil, blah blah blah.”

Pardon my french but this is some kind of BS.  All of it.  It really makes me see red and I’m pretty sure there’s smoke comically coming out of my ears.

Here at Budget Fairy Tale our philosophy is simple:  On your wedding day, do what you want and do what is special to you and your partner.  Do mason jars remind you of cooking with your grandmother?  Then you should totally incorporate them.  Do moustaches-on-sticks literally make you LOL?  THEN HAVE THEM.  Love the romantic glow of candlelight? Then buy a million candles on eBay and light that venue up (but check with the fire department first)!  Who the heck are these pompous photographers and bloggers who feel they have ANY RIGHT to tell anyone how to decorate for their wedding?  You, my dear bride/groom, should not feel any kind of pressure to impress anyone but yourself and your love.

“DIY” snow globes from the couple’s personal collection as centerpieces = awesome.  You’ll see more of this wedding in the coming weeks! Photo by Nataly Lemus Photography.

Here are some wedding tips, from me to you, because I like you so much and I want you to have the day of your dreams:

  • DON’T plan your wedding with the sole motivation of your photos being featured on a blog.  You will be seriously disappointed.

  • DO choose details that are important to you and your partner and reflect you as a couple.  Sit down at the beginning stages of your planning and make a list of all the things you love and enjoy together.

Awesome video game cake is awesome. Photo found on OffbeatBride.com. Photo by Whitney Lee Photography.

  • DON’T include certain traditions or activities at your wedding because people tell you that you have to.  Does the garter toss make you cringe?  DON’T DO IT.  And I promise you will not be arrested by the wedding police if you skip the first dance.
  • DO make your wedding day personal.  If the traditional wedding vows seem a little canned or outdated for your taste, rewrite ’em!  “To have and to hold” can easily be changed to “To care for and cuddle” and still mean the same darn thing.
  • DON’T fight with your partner about any part of your wedding day.  It’s not worth it in the long run, especially if your dude is giving you 99% control over the day but is super insistent on this one-little-thing-that-you-do-not-agree-with.  I know it’s tough, TRUST ME, but get over yourself.  It’s their day, too.
  • DO lower your expectations.  My general philosophy is “happiness = reality – expectations.”  Don’t try too hard to get eeeeeeeverything juuuuust right.  You’ll be less stressed as the day unfolds.

Does this couple eating Mickey ice cream bars look stressed to you?  Photo by Jason Lanier Photography.

What are your thoughts on wedding trends and traditions?

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