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'90s Style But Make it Disney

’90s style and fashion is all the rage right now, which is weird to me since I was a teenager in the ’90s (!!!) and I already lived through these trends. But if you’re loving those ’90s looks (minus the “Rachel” haircut and overplucked eyebrows) and want to add a little Disney flair, the best place to pick up some accessories is BoxLunch!

BoxLunch has some great Disney ’90s gear right now, from tops featuring your favorite ’90s Disney movies to the quintessinal ’90s and VSCO Girl (whatever that is) accessory – the scrunchie. There is lots to love on BoxLunch right now! And there are a lot of exclusive officially licensed Disney products exclusive to BoxLunch!

If you aren’t familiar with BoxLunch, they sell fun merch for all kinds of fandoms, including lots of Disney. And I love their #GetSomeGiveBack program … with every $10 you spend with BoxLunch, they donate a meal to someone in need via Feeding America®. You can also round up your purchase or donate an extra dollar when you checkout, and that money goes straight to food banks. $1 can provide 10 meals! You can read more about their #GetSomeGiveBack initiative here.

Scroll through to see my favorite Disney ’90s style accessories from BoxLunch!

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'90s Style But Make it Disney

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