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8 Reasons You Should Have a Disney Vow Renewal

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{Melanie and Ricky finally got their dream Disney wedding with their Vow Renewal at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel – Photo by White Rabbit Photo Boutique}

I love a good vow renewal, maybe even more than a wedding. With a vow renewal, you can see the couple has been through a lot already – the normal ups and downs of life, and have been there for each other. It’s one thing to get married and pledge to be there “for better or for worse” and it’s another thing to actually do it.

Luckily, Disney treats vow renewals just like weddings! You get the same ceremony, same reception, and most important – same food and cake. Personally I think EVERY married couple should plan a Disney vow renewal, but I may be biased.

If your on the fence about whether or not a Disney vow renewal is in the cards for you, keep reading to find out why I think they are a great idea!

8 Reasons You Should Have a Disney Vow Renewal

1. Not every couple who gets married can.  With the divorce rate at 50% and climbing, the simple act of staying married for a long period of time is now considered something to be celebrated in itself.  Marriage is awesome and has an infinite amount of benefits, but it also takes some hard work and sacrifice.  There’s no better reason to throw a party.

2. Celebrate your family.  If you’ve been married for a few years, you may also now have children.  Vow renewals are not only a great way to reaffirm your marriage vows, but also celebrate the new family you have created.  And how fun are those colorful family sand ceremonies?

3. You can have the party you really wanted.  Some people assume that vow renewals have to be a mellow, simple affair.  NOT TRUE.  Perhaps you eloped the first time and now you can afford to have a bigger bash.  Or, maybe you had a big wedding (and maybe you didn’t have much say in anything about it) and now you just want to have a smaller, more intimate celebration.  As with weddings, there are no rules regarding how to celebrate a vow renewal.  And with their different packages, Disney makes it easy for you to plan a big party or a smaller intimate celebration.

4. Correct those regrets.  “I wish we had done ____ at our wedding.”  No matter how great the event, there is usually one regret or “wish we had” with any wedding.  For me, I wish we had been able to do the morning castle photo shoot.  If there was something you missed out on the first time around, a vow renewal is a second chance to fix any regrets or anything that went wrong.

5. Cake.  That’s it.  Just cake.

6. Another chance to play dress up.  For many brides, shopping for your wedding gown is one of the best parts of a wedding.  Don’t be afraid to try on some different styles and wear something completely different from what you wore on your wedding day.

7. Who doesn’t want a Disney party?  Disney event planners are the best, and you’ll get top notch treatment whether you’re having a wedding or a vow renewal.  And because you’re at a Disney property, you have an instant “honeymoon” at the ready.  Oh, and the Disney cake.  Did I mention the cake?

8. You’re madly in love with your partner.  Above all, just as with weddings, the main purpose of the vow renewal is the love you and your partner share.  Even if you say it to each other every day, it’s wonderful to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other in the presence of your loved ones.

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