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4 Blogging Lessons Learned from BIG HERO 6

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4 Blogging Lessons Learned from BIG HERO 6

Have you all seen the new Disney animated movie BIG HERO SIX yet? I personally loved it! I think it’s one of my new all-time favorite Disney movies. (You can read my review of BIG HERO 6 here.) Even though I’m so different from the lead character, Hiro, I found myself relating to a lot of his struggles and feelings. I realized some of the lessons in BIG HERO 6 could be applied to my every day life as a blogger. And I think that is part of the magic of Disney movies; no matter what, you can find a little bit of yourself in every character. That’s why these movies stay with us for so long! So here are some blogging lessons learned from BIG HERO 6. And if you haven’t seen BIG HERO 6 … what are you waiting for?! You should definitely go this weekend, and then come back and let me know what you think!

4 Blogging Lessons Learned from BIG HERO 6


Warning: Very minor spoilers ahead.

1. Find a new angle. In BIG HERO 6, Hiro is frustrated because he can’t think of a new invention for his college application. His brother Tadashi playfully picks Hiro up and holds him upside down and encourages him to look at things from a new angle. A major key of being a successful blogger is to do something unique, something that hasn’t been done before. For me, I wanted to write a blog about Disneyland weddings because I couldn’t find any websites that focused SOLEY on Disneyland weddings. Of course I write about other happenings in my life, and no one else can write about that! YOU are your own unique angle. And if you’re in a writing slump, try laying on the sofa or bed and looking at your room from upside down … it worked for Hiro!

2. Your family is not just the one you’re born with. When Hiro discovers an evil plot, he assembles his friends to create the superhero team Big Hero 6, and creates a second family in the process. When you’re self employed, sometimes it can feel lonely. You don’t really have co-workers or a boss to talk to. But, the beauty of this business is that there’s a huge blogger network out there just waiting to be embraced. As a blogger, you may work by yourself but you’re never alone! I have made many blogger friends who I consider as close as family, even people I have never met.

3. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. In a gut-wrenching scene, Hiro becomes consumed with revenge and Baymax must teach poor Hiro a little bit of a lesson. Hiro realizes how foolish he has been and sets out to make things right. As a blogger, it’s really easy to get trapped in your own little world and stuck in your ways. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re jeopardizing yourself, and it takes a little outside perspective to shake you back into place. That’s why it’s a good idea to network with other bloggers, ask them for their opinion and perspective on your blog – it’s layout, your writing, the usability – so you know what everything looks like from the outside. Sometimes, a little tough love is the best thing for you and your business!

4. Your health and well being are important. Sadly we can’t all have our own Personal Healthcare Companion to monitor our health! So we have to constantly remind ourselves to eat right, exercise, and take general good care of ourselves. When you’re self employed, especially if you work at a computer, it’s easy to forget we need to get up, stretch, or walk once every hour. Yoga and Pilates are great exercise mediums to counterbalance the effects of sitting in an office chair all day, but any exercise is GOOD exercise! So make sure you are getting up and taking breaks throughout the day! Also, if you come down with an illness, be sure to get plenty of rest and drink extra fluids. A lollipop is helpful, too!

Have a creative and healthy weekend, friends!

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