10 Tsum Tsum Game Tips

10 Tsum Tsum Game Tips

Are you Tsum Tsum obsessed? I am! Against my better judgment I downloaded this game and now I play it every day. It’s a major time suck, but it’s so much fun. I’m obsessed with collecting all the Tsums and beating my high score. I am always on the hunt for tips and tricks to up my game (without cheating) so I asked some friends to contribute their best tips. I threw in a couple of my favorite tips, too! Whether you’re just starting out, or your a Tsum Tsum veteran, I hope you can learn something from these Tsum Tsum game tips.

1. Complete your daily task, every day! – mindyjoy

2. Pay attention to when the game offers bonus coins for the daily task or for high scores … it usually means new tsums are coming soon! – mindyjoy

3. Make sure you time the use of your tsum’s skills at the right time! Sometimes it’s fun you just hit the button right when it turns yellow, but waiting until the right time, and when all the tsums are in place is the best way to do it! – Bethyylovee

4. Save your bubbles and skill until fever time and then pop those bubbles like crazy and use your skill to max your points while in fever mode. – hailyw

5. Lady is my best coin-booster. My strategy is just let one type of tsum accumulate, so I have a lot of them and can make a a big chain, so extra extra coins. When out of the same type, popping multiple bubbles also help. My husband lets a bunch of bubbles accumulates and uses Lady when the clock is 1 second out, so it pops the bubbles after time out but with Lady’s power still on! – anitaboeira

6. I’ve found that playing with a stylus is very helpful. Other than that, just work on getting faster. – jeromeyrome

7. You have to keep the sound on a little. Sometimes if you’re playing on silent you don’t hear your character fill up or fever time starting. Keep it on just enough to hear. – hammer1974 and Carwash82

8. Use a tsum tsum like Chip or Dale that turn the other tsums into the same one, then use the 5-4 power up and make really long chains.

9. Make long chains of tsums to get more coins. The longer, the better! – bethanyharris

10. Pay attention when you start clearing a chain of tsums … the ones you can clear will “highlight”! – mindyjoy

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